Subscribe for an area!

Subscribe for an area!

During Volkstyle Base you will find the most beautiful VAG cars in the hangars and areas. The different areas are:

- VW Polo
- VW Golf
- VW 1
- VW Scirocco
- Seat
- Audi

If you think your car deserves a place in one of these areas, you can register your car online by completing the registration form. Click on the bar below. If you want to register your car for the Main Hangar, click here for more information.

Save € 5, - by registering your car and save another € 5, - by ordering your ticket online in the ticket shop with a big presale discount for only € 10, -! Tickets are also available at the door.

Of course you are not obliged to be present all day with your car, you can decide when you arrive and when you leave.