VAG fans can look forward this year to Volkstyle Base, at the former RAF air base at Airport Weeze. That sunday you can be a witness of an international meeting with several of thousands Volkswagens, Audi but also Seats, Skoda and Porsches, because Volkstyle Base is VAG-only. VolkStyle has quickly become one of the most active communities in Europe, with over 25,000 fans.

The event location near Airport Weeze is one that has no equal in Europe. A particularly attractive location with almost 30 bunkers and hangars and a large hangar (4.500m2), The venue is surrounded by trees and split into a number of large and smaller lanes. This former RAF base was closed in 1999 and is now part of the complex around Weeze Airport, just 1 km away from the Dutch border near Venraij. This location is also known as the location of one of the largest dance events, Q-base.